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    Downtown Area

    Visit Downtown Hammond to explore and enjoy its amenities!! It is the heart of our city!

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    DHC Events

    The Downtown Hammond Council's mission is to promote, beautify and revitalize our downtown district. Join us for one of our many events that we host every year. Its a time of great music, food and people!!

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    Hohman Avenue

    Hohman Avenue is the heart of our downtown area. Take a ride down this avenue to see all that it has to offer from tasty restaurants to shops and theaters!!

Shop Local Businesses


It's the holiday shopping season. What do YOU want to SAVE?
If you are only thinking about what is on sale, please reconsider!
Please CHOOSE to save our small businesses a.k.a Mom and Pop stores!
YOU can make a difference!
If you want to help the economy in N.W. Indiana, spend money in N.W. Indiana!

It makes sense/cents to support small!

Please read my entire letter and share it with friends and family.
Small businesses are counting on YOU!
Remember, small businesses need your support ALL YEAR!

Please… re-think your choice to shop on-line.
-If you say that shopping on-line is more convenient or that it saves money, think again. It is robbing our communities of jobs, economic development, income, and much more.
The impact of shopping online has a far reaching effect and is hurting our local economies.

Occasionally, one cannot find what one needs at a local store, so buying on-line is an alternative.
However, on a day to day basis, please make the 
CHOICE to support small/local businesses in N.W. Indiana.

1) For every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. Spend it on-line and NOTHING comes home. Zero.  Zilch. Nada.

2) Small businesses contribute to local charities, not-for-profit organizations, high school events, etc.
(Think about who you ask when you need a raffle prize, silent auction, donation, etc.)

3) Small businesses are involved in making our communities a better place by volunteering in OUR communities. 

4) Small local businesses employ people from OUR communities.

5) Small local businesses provide one-on-one customer service! 

6) Small businesses create vibrant, local shopping areas that are attractive to home buyers and can raise property values.

7) Must-see small businesses can draw tourism, also boosting the local economy. 

8) Small businesses offer unique gift items and services not found anywhere else. 

9) Small businesses dictate their own prices to remain competitive, which means you can often find better quality items at good costs. 

10) Small business owners are generally experts in their field and are better equipped to answer complex questions or provide innovative solutions for their customers.

11) Small businesses add charm and character. They are at the very heart and identity of the community.

12) Spending money at small businesses has a domino effect. Those small businesses in turn spend their money with other small businesses in N.W. Indiana!

Here are 5 heartfelt quotes from real people about why you should support small businesses:

“You get to be a contributor to the realization of someone else’s dream!” - Lotta Nieminen (illustrator, graphic designer, art director).

“There’s something special about knowing that someone created this thing to uplift other people in the community.” - Kerin Rose Gold (designer, founder - A-morir).

“If people in your neighborhood are working hard to make something great happen, you choosing to buy a coffee at their shop instead of Starbucks, or taking a class with them instead of at an Equinox - it’s directly helping them achieve their dreams. All of that gets paid back to the community and strengthens it, it’s a reciprocal energy.” - Amy Woodside (founder, OKREAL).

“By supporting independent businesses you’re making innovation possible.” - Tze Chun (founder - Uprise Art).

“You’re helping real people - who you may know personally - do what they do better.” - DJ Neil Armstrong(DJ).

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Karen M. Maravilla

It's Just Serendipity, Owner 

Downtown Hammond Council, President

Help make downtown a destination!


Downtown Hammond Council

Hammond IS Happening!

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Parks in the Downtown Area

downtown-hammondDowntown Hammond offers amazing parks and recreation areas to either sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery and nature, have a picnic with family and friends or play on the playgrounds.

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downtown-hammondDowntown Hammond provides a variety of stores along Hohman Avenue.  So stop in and shop!  Shopping and buying local is important to us all!

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downtown-hammondDowntown Hammond provides a variety of eateries along Hohman Avenue.  So stop in and grab a bite to eat!

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Community News & Events

Fundraiser for the Food Bank of N.W. Indiana

Raymundo Garcia and Karen Maravilla are excited to invite you to EAT on SATURDAY, December 2!

Nomad Planets and Rocketboat will perform at this year's annual concert to benefit the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana!
Help us support our neighbors in need!

Festivities take place at EAT, an amazing event space!
5201 Hohman Avenue, Downtown Hammond, Indiana
Free and convenient parking on Sibley and in the municipal parking lots (Behind EAT and across the street from EAT).

Admission to this all ages show is only $5 per person plus at least one non-perishable food item.

Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Show begins at 7:00 pm.

Delicious food and beverages will be available for purchase-
prepared by Raymundo Garcia and Chef Terry Zych...YUM!

Hammond IS Happening!

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